A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

DEMO VERSION for "a dream? - a poetic experience". Full version can be acquired here.

Join the journey of a frog representing the different facets of our lives and personal experiences throughout 40 stages...

With each hop you will move closer to your goals. Sometimes you will fail, sometimes you have to wait and sometimes you need to take a risk! You will travel alone, get company, loose friends and gain friends!

Each movement creates ripples and influences the environment. Use this to find a path to move towards your goals and dreams!

Each sound is created through your movement to generate an atmospheric soundscape throughout your journey!


Install instructions

Have fun with the DEMO. If you like the game, you can get the full version here!

Feel free to follow @inochi_life for updates.


adream_demo_mac_V101.zip (84 MB)
adream_demo_win_32bit_V101.zip (69 MB)
adream_demo_win_64bit_V101.zip (71 MB)
adream_demo_linux_V101.zip (83 MB)

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